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meet Doggy Dan
meet Doggy Dan

Review/The Online Dog Training / by Doggy Dan

I have looked deeply into this product and cannot emphasize enough how good it is. It must be the ‘Best’ dog and puppy training program online. I am amazed at what is on offer and am not surprised at the rave reviews this Online Dog Training course is getting. Doggy Dan’s dog training solutions are probably the fastest growing Online Dog Training programs available. I will try to explain why this product is so unique!
This dog training product is only one of the very few Online Dog Training solutions which are actually endorsed by the SPCA ( Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals ). ‘The Online Dog Trainer’ is approved by the Royal New Zealand SPCA and they actually promote it on nearly all of their shelters because they realise that people who follow Doggy Dans methods are less likely to return their rescue dogs.


I will try to briefly explain what is inside the site. At the moment, there are over 250 videos ( and rising ) covering every single aspect of dog training, from becoming pack leader to training a puppy, stopping your dog barking and jumping up! The list is massive! However, it is not the volume of the training videos, it is most definitely the quality of the dog and puppy training that counts.

Live consultations by Doggy Dan.

Each video you watch is a live consultation by Doggy Dan, actually training a dog or puppy.
You are not re-enacting some kind of staged, mock up or reading an ebook. This guy is actually delivering excellent results and is a phenomenal dog trainer and behaviourist working with some seriously difficult dogs. You can see him get results which prove his methods work.

His methods and techniques used.
As you can imagine with the endorsements from SPCA, he does not use fear or aggression and yet the dogs response is quick and sometimes it is immediate. Amazingly, you can see all this happening on the videos, his voice tone, body language and, of course, the reaction of the dogs or puppies.
IF you want a powerful but simple approach to building a great relationship with your dog, or just want to stop bad behaviour then this dog training course gives you just that and more!

Puppy Training
He actually shows you how to see things from your pets eyes and that’s why his approach is unique and works. One of his great achievements is the project he did with a tiny new puppy and videoed every stage from 8 weeks old up to 1 year old. All those videos are on the site (great viewing). The puppy learns all the commands and grows into an amazing pet dog. This footage in itself is a worthy concept and he could quite easily charge it separately.

Here is a link to a video to give you a taster of his methods.

this is the full package
this is the full package

If you join ‘ The Online Dog Trainer’ a free bonus which comes with it is an online forum where you can ask Doggy Dan any question and he will answer it specifically tailored to you in a professional manner!

Behavioural issues with dogs

Doggy Dan covers all issues of dog behaviour with his ability to help people understand the real causes of their dogs behaviours. With Doggy Dan, no dog is too stubborn or too old to learn.

This is a list of (some of) the videos that explain specific problems with dogs

Aggression to people

Aggression to other dogs

Aggression to other animals

Aggression to objects

Barking whilst on walks

Barking for attention

Barking around property

Barking in the car

Barking when left alone

Barking at the door


Dog running away

Separation anxiety

Jumping up people

Jumping up onto furniture


Pulling on the lead

Fear and Phobias

Not coming when summoned


The use of Audio Files

An additional feature is the use of Audio files available for those who would like to listen whilst they get on with other things. Doggy Dan has created several of these for you. These also cover all topics from being pack leader to toilet training your dog.

Amazing $1 3-day trial.

Doggy Dan is offering a $1 3-day trial of the site which is an amazing offer because you can see what the site is like before you commit to the monthly cost. That shows you real confidence in his abilities. It allows you to check out the whole site to give you an idea how it all works and of course what you are getting. You have nothing to lose, so check it out now!
Here is a link to the site..Click here

To get all this at a fraction of the cost of a dog trainer coming to my house or me taking my dog to a training centre is a no brainer!

Very warming testimonials using only 3rd party Facebook Application Interface, meaning only the personnel who posts the comment can access it, making sure they are all 100% genuine.
Star rating. *****

Money Back 60 Day Guarantee.


After you decide to stay on after the $1 3-day trial, you pay $37 per month. This does seem a little dearer than other online solutions but the old saying is after all ‘ you get what you pay for ‘.

The $37 per month is worth every cent! A lot of products out there don’t really work or only work for a very specific problem. With THIS program you get everything you will ever need.

P/S Done some homework and found out that having a dog trainer come to your house can cost up $400 for just a few hours training! Here you can have a complete one-stop dog training course that available 24/7 on your computer or mobile device.

GO FOR IT. Click here


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