How do I stop my dog digging holes?

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meet Doggy Dan

How do I stop my dog digging holes

Here we are again at dog training videos and yet another question asked is” How do I stop my dog digging holes ? “ why do my dogs dig up my plants and ruin my back yard.Well,  let’s look at the way your dogs see it and it is not the way you see it.

Natural Behaviour

Firstly, your dog is not doing this out of spite or trying to get you annoyed and wind you up.Dogs are not conditioned like humans, in fact, they are fun loving animals and dig gardens for fun.

At times they do it for a specific reason such as they are too hot and are looking for somewhere to cool down or even the opposite, your dog could be too cold and are looking to build a den.It is possible they could have too much energy and are trying to channel it into something.In which case, more exercise will almost certainly help stop your dog from digging.It is best to cover all these reasons before you start blaming your dog for being naughty.

Strong smells

A big motivator for “dog digging” is if you have perhaps sprinkled some sort of smelly fertilizer such as blood or bone or anything that has a smelly element to it. This will drive your dog insane so be extra careful where you put your garden fertilizer (At this point I would like to remind you to be very careful where you put your slug pellets as they can be deadly to dogs .)

So after you have given your dog plenty of exercises, removed any buried smelly bones and no longer use smelly garden products and given your dog a robust shelter to keep warm you think ……what now can I do.

Well, “dog digging” is a normal activity for a dog, however excessive digging is not normal so the secret is not to try and stop it, but to try and work with your dog and try to control it as digging is a normal activity for many types of dogs.

If you can focus the “dog digging” into one spot then you are nearly there, such as a sand pit, and put a few toys or tasty treats etc for your dog to dig for. Do this a few times and you will be pleased with how quickly your dog concentrates his attention to that spot.

“What about dogs digging holes in my lawn?”

The best solution for holes that are already started is to put a stone or rock at the base of the hole and fix it firmly and cover it. When your dog returns to that hole he will have no fun digging through a rock and soon lose interest in that area. If they continue to dig the lawn then walk over to them and guide them back to your sand pit and encourage them to dig there.If they still keep going back to the lawn then put them into time out somewhere they will then soon realize they are not allowed to dig up your lawn.

Digging holes whilst you are out

This is a “pack leader” issue and is covered in one of my earlier blogs and the best site I know of to cover all these issues is Doggy Dan’s website which even gives u a $1 trial of the site for 3 days. CLICK HERE that’s right $1.It is an excellent site and I fully recommend you check it out for just $1 CLICK HERE.

If you use Doggy Dan’s methods to become the pack leader (which is a kind and gentle way to train your dog). It has some very simple techniques of how to become the pack leader and loads of behavior problem solving for your puppies or dogs.

So whatever your dogs digging issues, by becoming the pack leader will help your dog relax, whether home or away from any training you may have done will have designed effect. So first get the order correct and win your dog’s mind and then you can train your dog’s body.

Make sense?

Then to win your dog’s mind and become the pack leader, all your training will take care of the rest.

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